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Mosaic Untold Lives


Join Mosaic Untold Lives, a podcast by and for Women of Color, where we can be seen, heard and witnessed. Women of Color is an umbrella term for the Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asians of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds, who identify as womxn. We welcome womxn and non-binary storytellers of color. We’ll be telling our personal stories from our life experiences which aren’t often shared. Anyone is welcome to listen or attend live events. After meeting at a local storytelling event, Veronica Antipolo, and Jette Stubbs, co-founded Mosaic Untold Lives, connecting over similarities in their very different life experiences and noticing the lack of diversity in storytelling communities. Brittany Chung Campbell joined after being one of our first storytellers. You are invited into a space where WOC share tales of life, love, pain, exploration and reflection, wrapped in an intimate storytelling experience. Storytelling is an exchange, you need to give to receive. So lean in, listen, hit subscribe and discover the power of sharing your story.